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2016 Excellence in Teaching Award Winners

2016 Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award winners. They are truly teachers who demonstrate instructional expertise, creativity and innovation in their classrooms; who make learning engaging, vibrant and relevant for students; and who set a standard of excellence for all teachers. We are so proud of the work they do every day, bringing the joy of discovery and learning to children in our schools. It is an outstanding achievement. Please join us in congratulating them.

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2016 Honorees

2016 Honorees

We also recognized a group of honorees whose nomination, application and endorsements demonstrated a high degree of excellence. Their leadership, professionalism and accomplishments are to be commended.

  • Ms. Anna Singleton

    Warner Girls Leadership Academy

  • Mr. Anthony Simeone

    School Of One

  • Ms. Christine Scarcella

    John Marshall School of Civic and Business Leadership

  • Ms. Cristina Stratton

    Douglas MacArthur Girls Leadership Academy

  • Ms. Eleanor Salzbrenner

    John F. Kennedy E3agle Academy

  • Ms. Hallie McEntire

    Louis Agassiz

  • Ms. Jacqueline Glenn

    H. Barbara Booker

  • Mr. Jonathan Bubbett

    Campus International

  • Ms. Kathy Kisel

    Warner Girls Leadership Academy

  • Ms. Lesley Petrie


  • Ms. Leslie Perry-Hanley

    Cleveland School of Architecture and Design

  • Ms. Lori Hlosek


  • Mr. Maryanne Nesbett

    Nathan Hale

  • Mr. Rebecca Pickens

    John Marshall School of Engineering

  • Ms. Rhonda Hurst

    Lincoln West High School

  • Mr. Rita Mikita

    Mc2STEM High School

  • Ms. Sarah Dalrymple

    Cleveland School of Architecture and Design

  • Mr. Tamilselvi Sekaran

    Cleveland Early College High School