2022 Winner

Austan Younker

Artemus Ward

6th Grade Math and Science

“Austan does an outstanding job as an educator. He creates a positive classroom environment where students feel safe to take risks and where they know they will be supported if they are struggling with content. … He is truly the epitome of creativity and innovation.”

Austan Younker has been teaching 6th grade math and science at Artemus Ward for eight years. He serves as a member of the building leadership team and as the lead teacher for the PBIS committee. In this role, Austan has developed programs providing incentives for positive student behavior. These programs include the Cardinal Competition, a house team system in which students earn points for their class by demonstrating positive behavior, and a whole-school token economy using ClassDojo.

Mr. Younker is inspired daily by his wife, Jessica, and his two children, Olivia and Lincoln.

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