2023 Winner

Louis Durban

Davis Aerospace & Maritime High School

9–11th Grade Mathematics

“Louis is one of the best teachers I have worked with in my career. He does an excellent job creating an environment that is safe and positive where students learn from each other and push themselves through difficult work. ... His classroom is dynamic; his positivity contagious.”

Louis Durban has been teaching in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District for ten years. He proudly started at JFK Eagle and JFK PACT for his first four years. Those years helped Louis to grow so much as a person and an educator—learning so much about what he did not know. Now he has been teaching at Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School for six years. He is very proud to have helped be a part of creating and building an awesome school from the ground up. He has worked with countless incredible educators both at JFK and Davis who he feels have helped him so much along the way. Louis’ favorite part of teaching is helping students to grow and see their potential by building strong relationships. He also comes from an incredible family of five including his father Ray who taught in the district for many years. All of the people in his life have helped him to become the educator he is today.

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