2023 Winner

Rev. B.A. Gregg

Cleveland School of Science and Medicine

9–12th Grade Foreign Language

“Rev. Gregg is an incredibly innovative teacher. His approach to teaching and learning is student-centered and individualized—it is impossible to be bored in his class. ... He wrote the textbook for content expertise—literally. His textbook is used for all levels of Latin and Greek.”

Rev. B.A. Gregg, classicist at the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine, has been teaching Greek and Latin for nearly 35 years at all levels and in all settings.  As managing editor of the student-created Nereus Classical Commentary Series to the AP Latin Syllabus and the online Proteus Project, he has a singular focus in developing students as researchers to bring them into the cycle of scholarship—transitioning from content consumers to creators.  Rev. Gregg’s students have consistently scored twice the average on the National Latin and National Greek Exams, achieved the Ohio Seal of Biliteracy, and gone on to all the Ivy League universities.  In a previous iteration, he was chair of the Virginia Debate League and director of the Bronx, Princeton, Duke, and Georgetown debate tournaments.  Married to his wife for ten years, he credits her for her competence in running every aspect of their lives, her diligence in correcting his manuscripts in any language, and her long suffering for overlooking his shortcomings that are legion.

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