Middle School Learning Centers Presentations

With 20 years of experience as an educator with CMSD, I partner with my colleague, Kirsten Fischer, as co-creators of professional development presentations focused on Middle School Learning Centers.

Middle School Learning Centers are an innovative method for utilizing multiple instructional strategies within a middle school classroom to meet the needs of all learners through small group and individual instruction. These professional development trainings prepare teachers to empower students with instruction while focusing on specific standards that need reinforcement and intervention.

Implementing centers in our middle school classrooms has given us first-hand experience and has allowed us to see the  growth our own students have made. This program creates excitement and a love of learning for our middle school students. Our own students absolutely love our centers.

This powerpoint presentation provides an overview of the philosophy, value, and practices of Middle School Learning Centers. For more information on our professional development resources, go to http://middleschoollearningcenters.weebly.com/

Molly Gus is a middle school English-Language Arts teacher at Scranton School, located near Tremont and Ohio City. She has taught in Cleveland for 19 years. Molly received her teaching degree from Cleveland State University with a focus on urban education. Her master’s degree is in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College. Molly has a passion for teaching and a true love of learning. At Scranton, she is a resident educator mentor and serves as the No Place for Hate coordinator. In her spare time, Molly spends time skiing, swimming and traveling with her husband and two children.