Workshop Rotation Lesson Plan and Blended Learning in Mathematics

These documents are related to workshops and blended learning for differentiated instruction.  The lesson plan here provides a simple example of a way to do workshops in a block period with one or even multiple teachers in the room.

Small Lesson Plan 3/8/17

Standards- F.BF.2   “Write arithmetic and geometric sequences both recursively and with an
explicit formula, use them to model situations, and translate between the
two forms.*”

Goal- Students will be able to create an explicit rule in function notation for a geometric sequence and find any given term in the sequence using that rule with 75% accuracy.

Lesson:   Flexible Groups Workshop/Blended Learning- All groups based on assessments and classroom observation

Group A- Homogeneous group with lowest level students who will need more time with teacher during the lesson

Group B and C- Both groups are heterogeneous with students from highest level to those below proficient so that the higher ability students can help their peers.

3 Rotations (23-25 minutes each)

Computers- USA TEST PREP- students work on review content in preparation for the OST

Teacher Lesson- Geometric Sequences

Independent Practice- Geometric Sequences

Computers                             Teacher Lesson (Small)        Independent Practice (Toney)

A                                                               B&C                                                       NONE

B                                                                   A                                                            C

C                                                               NONE                                                       B&A

Group A will receive their independent practice with the teacher since they will need more time in the teacher lesson to get through the content. So their independent practice is still with small group instruction.


  1. Teacher will track results from USA TEST PREP review.
  2. Monitor student understanding of geometric sequences in during small group instruction
  3. Practice will be collected and graded for feedback Tuesday.
  4. HW on Geometric Sequences due Wed
  5. Quiz on Geometric Sequences and Exponential Growth and Decay on Thursday.
Spencer Small has been a CMSD teacher for 13 years and currently teaches Algebra 1/Computer Science as a high school teacher. He was a middle school math teacher for six years. Later, he became a math coach, working with teachers from across the district on pacing, math pedagogy, teaching strategies, data analysis and deepening content knowledge. Spencer is currently focused on implementing a curriculum called Bootstrap into his Algebra I classes. The goal is to blend algebra concepts and programming concepts into a platform that allows students to create their own basic video game. Spencer is a husband and the father of five. He enjoys music, sports, staying physically active and food.