SpringBoard Community and Zinc

Do you teach grades 6-12 Math or ELA? Do you utilize the SpringBoard Curriculum in your classroom? If you do, then definitely check out SpringBoard Community and Zinc Reading Labs!

SpringBoard Community is a great place to find authentic resources to accompany the SpringBoard book with teacher created materials all for FREE! Through a drop down box at the top of the page you can select your content area and then start searching. Units are broken down and materials are easily available. What I have found most useful on this site are materials to differentiate lessons and use for center rotations to accompany a Guided Reading Lesson. There are AMAZING graphic organizers, videos and discussions on this site. In addition, curriculum maps for each grade level are available. SpringBoard Community is also a great place to search for help with the many fantastic components of SpringBoard Digital. You can set up classes, assign homework and assignments online, and find multiple avenues of support. SpringBoard digital also offers the audio to MANY of the texts within the SpringBoard book which I find very helpful for my various learning styles.

Zinc Reading Labs provide amazing activities for our scholars based on the CCSS and aligned to SpringBoard Activities. This is an online literacy program that includes vocabulary games, high-interest text, gaming elements, and detailed reports. This engages our scholars and successfully prepares them for test preparation and academic success. What I love most are the online articles and ease of utilizing them. You have the ability to select a topic, standard, specific skills, and reading time. The articles are high-interest and include a HUGE variety of different genres. For example, in 8th grade when our scholars are reading “The Odyssey” by Homer, you can assign students the online article and quiz on Zinc. This also works great as a Middle School Learning Center! Zinc Reading Labs also have an entire online vocabulary portion. These online games include vocabulary from books such as “Wonder” and “Monster” and so many more. There is also a great resource for English Language Learners where the vocabulary words are in English but the rest of the experience is in Spanish. Zinc Reading Labs have so much to offer our scholars!


Kirsten Fischer began her teaching career in 1996 and has been with the CMSD for 21 years. She currently teaches middle school English Language Arts to grades 6–8 at Scranton School. She has ten years of experience teaching the primary grades and has spent the past 11 in middle school. Her experience includes gifted and talented, single-gender education, inclusion, and English Language Learners. She attended Ohio University for her bachelor’s degree and Ashland University for her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and literacy. Kirsten earned Master Teacher Certification in 2013. She is a CMSD SpringBoard Curriculum trainer for grades 6–12. Kirsten has a love of and enthusiasm for middle school learning centers. In addition to teaching, Kirsten adores her husband and 5 children.