2018 Winner

Daniel Ogilvy

James A. Garfield Elementary School


“Mr. Ogilvy teaches in an inquiry-based approach, building upon a child's natural curiosity. He sets up provocations that get students excited about learning and leads them to asking questions and wanting to know more.”

Dan Ogilvy is a husband and dad who teaches PreK at James A. Garfield. He has been teaching for 18 years after graduating with his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Cleveland State University. Dan is part of a dedicated PreK team at Garfield that comes together “like Voltron.” Dan is assisted in the classroom by Andrea Sanders, who plays the role of creative genius and calming hand. Dan has a class of 19 little explorers who make up a PreK-sized United Nations, with Spanish, Farsi, Urdu, and English speakers. Dan’s role as a child’s first formal educator is crucial to laying the foundation for lifelong learning. Each day, his classroom focuses on leading with empathy, asking creative questions and solving interesting problems within an environment defined by collaboration and curiosity. His goal is to have an innovative mash up of a Google Office and Leonardo da Vinci’s work space: a safe place to develop and learn in a holistic manner, where the child is at the center of every aspect of the day. Dan is a Master Teacher, Resident Educator Mentor, PEAC Advisor, and OTES certified.

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