2022 Winner

John Dutton

Nominated at Campus International High School; now at MC2STEM

11th Grade Computer Science/Engineering

“John is an outstanding teacher and professional who displays an incredible work ethic. … He is truly a Renaissance man: a master of both environmental science and computer science, a problem solver, and a collaborator. He maintains a positive disposition at all times.”

John Dutton has been teaching for 17 years, including two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mozambique. John currently teaches computer science at MC2STEM High School, having recently joined the team after five years as a science and computer science teacher at Campus International High School, and a decade at Shaw High School.

Prior to teaching, John spent 10 years in the computer and software industry. He believes that computer science education is critical to help all learners develop analytical and marketable skills for college, career, and beyond. In 2022, John was elected president of CSTA Ohio, which serves to develop a supportive knowledge-sharing network of computer science teachers statewide.

John is a member of the Moreland Neighborhood Network, and co-produces the Witness to History program, recording life stories of longtime Moreland residents. John is a year-round bicycle commuter, and has brought that experience into his classroom with a bike-building engineering project for his students.

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