Kristen Lasley
2019 Winner

Kristen Lasley


5–8th Grade Special Education

“Kristen is an advocate for all students at Riverside regardless of their background, race, culture, or functional level. She contributes to a strong culture by encouraging positivity and is always available to help others, mentor others, and collaborate with others.”

Kristen Lasley is a middle school intervention specialist teaching in a MD/AU classroom at Riverside. Prior to her current position, Kristen taught at Central Middle School, Tremont Montessori, and Charles Mooney. She has been teaching for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District for 22 years. Kristen earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Cleveland State University with a K–12 Mild/Moderate license and a technology endorsement. In her classroom, she focuses on academics and also incorporates Life Skills into the curriculum to ensure that her students can relate their learning to their everyday lives. With the help of Riverside’s Parent Teacher Council, wonderful staff, and numerous outside grants, Kristen has created Lasley’s Diner, where her students prepare and cook food for the staff every two weeks. Kristen is Riverside’s special education liaison, member of the PBIS committee, and helps run the Builder’s Club.

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