Marc Pohlman
2019 Winner

Marc Pohlman

Charles A. Mooney

4th–5th Grade Math

“Marc has one of the calmest, most supportive, learning environments I have ever seen… He establishes a clear academic goal with each lesson and challenges his students to think and use their knowledge to solve complex problems and connect ideas.”

Marc Pohlman is a fourth and fifth grade math teacher at Charles Mooney Elementary School. He has been teaching in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District for his entire 26-year career and 24 of those years have been at Charles Mooney. Marc attended Cleveland State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in education and is certified to teach grades 1–8. Marc continued his graduate education at Cleveland State and obtained a master’s degree in school guidance counseling. Marc’s overall goal as a teacher is to create a nurturing learning environment where students can develop math skills. He teaches with excitement and enthusiasm and tries to elicit a love of learning math that his student can carry throughout life. Marc strives to be a positive, caring role model for his students, and he delivers educational experiences that allow his students to see value and meaning in learning.

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