2017 Winner

Ms. Alexis Pohlman

Louis Agassiz

6th–8th Grade Math

“Alexis Pohlman is a teacher with outstanding instructional practices. She consistently teaches to the highest level and goes above and beyond to ensure her students succeed. … Ms. Pohlman’s lessons are student-centered and include an inquiry-based approach that makes students become mini-teachers themselves. …”

Alexis Pohlman is currently a fourth and fifth grade math educator at Louis Agassiz. She has been in the CMSD for 19 years. Alexis has experience teaching second through eighth grades with a focus in math. She earned a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, with a concentration in middle school math, from Cleveland State University. Alexis has done professional development on backward-design lesson planning and cooperative learning. Alexis is also an Ohio Resident Educator Mentor.

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