10 Week Curriculum Map

Curriculum is the core of instruction. A plan must contain moments for reteach, differentiation, and engagement. Attached you will find sources of a developed curriculum map using the backwards design model. Thinking of the end in mind allows for meaningful instruction.

The curriculum maps attached are focused around major concepts,and one essential question that students must be able to answer. Also students are introduced to enduring understandings. Enduring Understandings are the core values you want your scholar to be able to understand. When creating enduring understandings they must align with our essential question and concepts.

Next you will begin to plan your assessment. How will students demonstrate their understanding of the learning goals? What are students expected to be able to do? Lastly will students have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery in multiple formats? These curriculum maps should guide any educator who is looking for a new way to plan with purposeful instruction while including authentic learning experiences.

Andrese Howard currently teaches English and Senior Capstone Project at Lincoln-West School of Science and Health. She earned her undergraduate degree in English, Teacher Education at Case Western Reserve University. During her undergraduate career Andrese tutored at Michael R. White where she developed her passion for teaching, primarily writing, to inner city youth. After graduation in the, Spring of 2016, Andrese accepted a position at the new design school, Lincoln-West School of Science and Health. During her time at LWSH, Andrese has created engaging curriculum that allows for authentic field experiences. By incorporating the school's model of Science and Health Andrese designed a unit where students analyzed, and compared the Cleveland Water Department to Flint, Michigan's. Andrese then took students on a field experience to Flint, Michigan where students met the Chief Investigator of the ACLU, and sat in on a City Council meeting with Flint Residents. Andrese Howard serves as her school's Senior Adviser and Union Chapter Chair. She is a proud member of the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa.