Let’s Talk Math

I like to engage my mathematicians in mathematical discourse by posing three questions! The three questions not only encourage communication but also student led debates. Math Talk gives scholars the opportunity to justify their reasoning, explain their thought process, and share knowledge with peers.

Daysha Matthews graduated from Central State University in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. She received her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction with a second licensure in mild to moderate from Cleveland State University in 2015. Daysha has spent the last 19 years as an educator in the Cleveland community. Daysha believes in teaching toward scholars’ individual needs and using data to drive her instruction. She takes time to expose her scholars to real world connections through the lens of being a global citizen and learner. One of Daysha’s classroom mottos is No Excuses, Just Results, meaning in order for students to succeed, they need to be determined and make it happen with an end result in mind. Daysha starts and ends her day with a restorative circle, instilling positivity in her scholars daily. Her goal is to be a role model to all students in the building, while supporting the mission, dreams, and vision set by her leader. Daysha started an all-girls empowerment group in fall 2022 at William Rainey Harper. This afterschool program equips middle school girls with the necessary tools to be confident, worthy, and to walk in purpose. While she has a love for education, her first love is being a mom to her beautiful daughter, D’Aja.