Mastery Tracker Template

I have used this mastery tracker for the past three years to keep me organized and enable data to push my instruction. This google sheet includes a sample sheet for a comprehensive mastery tracker for tracking standards unit by unit and a unit/benchmark tracker for tracking more specific objectives within a standard. There are templates included for both of these samples for you to adapt to your own courses. There is also a “Keep It Simple” template if you just want to track data that will give you an average.

I have used this mostly for physical science benchmarks in alignment with the Pro-Core test, but this can be a starting point to any type of mastery.

Mastery Tracker Template Guidance:

Mastery Tracker Template:

Dean Bryson is in his fifth year of teaching ninth grade physical science at New Tech Collinwood High School. He is a proud graduate of Bowling Green State University and Howard University. For the past two summers, Dean has served as a corps member advisor for Teach For America’s Houston Institute, supporting and coaching brand new teachers. He implements project-based learning (PBL) and teaches standards through authentic-learning tasks. While there is often tension between PBL and standards-based instruction, Dean has learned to effectively embed standards within his projects without sacrificing data-driven instruction. Outside of his classroom, Dean advises the social justice club and the “BG Bros,” a male mentoring group at Collinwood.