Have you ever wished there was an easy, painless way to post website links, or have students submit photos or documents? There is! It’s called Padlet: a collaborative tool with hundreds of uses. There are two main ways to implement Padlet: either on a website (embedding it) or saving it as a bookmark on your preferred browser for students to access. Either way, students (or you) can add links, documents, images, instructions, and much more at any time, and have it immediately updated.

In my classroom, I have used this to:
1. Have students submit documents online;
2. Push out links immediately to students or teachers;
3. Allow students to comment and collaborate online in a safe and monitored way;
4. Add items for students to download, such as homework or copies of projects; and
5. Create digital vocabulary walls that are easily printable and digitally visible

Jordan Seigler is a fifth-grade teacher at Charles Dickens School and has been teaching for seven years. Jordan has a Bachelor of Science in education, and is working on a master’s degree in instructional technology. She has taught all of the lower elementary grades, and is certified PreK–3 with a 4-5 endorsement. Jordan became a teacher after growing up in foster care and having excellent teachers who encouraged her and helped her achieve. She is also an alumna of Teach For America. When not teaching, Jordan can be found reading, playing video games, or visiting friends.