Personalized Learning: Math Standard

Personalized Learning is based on the content of choice within the subject that is being taught in the classroom, where students are able to pick and choose their learning and practice activity based on the lesson, standard, and targets of the standard in the lesson. The PL Learning Maps are based on 3rd Grade Math, but can be adjusted to any grade level. The goal is to have the students be engaged, independent, and find a way to understand the lesson based on their needs, goals, and prior knowledge. In the Learning Maps, each geometric shape is based on math levels such as K-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, and beyond. Students are able to be independent and work at their pace on the activities and be prepared to teach each other and the teacher at the time of their conference when they are “Ready to Move On” to the next Learning Map Lesson and Standard.

Aurea was born and raised in Cleveland, with parents who came from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. She is the first of her family to graduate from Cleveland State University with both a bachelor (early childhood education) and master degree (curriculum and instruction; bilingual endorsement). Aurea is now taking the first steps toward pursuing a doctoral degree in personalized learning curriculum with research in ESL/ELL learning. Aurea has been teaching for a total of 14 years, of which eight have been at the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s Luis Muñoz Marín Dual Language Academy. She is a third grade teacher. Her motto for her students is  “I can do it. I WILL try!" This allows her students to see how to learn from their mistakes and accomplish what they want to learn. Aurea takes great pride in showing her amazing students that trying always makes them do more. Aurea’s goals in life are not only to be a successful teacher and make a difference in her students’ lives, but to be an amazing mom. She has been married for ten years to Edward Caraballo and has two beautiful daughters, Amaya and Amaris. She strives every day to show them how to become independent, strong, Latina women, and that they are capable of great things in life.