Personalizing iPad for All Learners

The accessibility features of the iPad are built in allowing all students to learn and create in ways that best fit their needs. These features will allow your students to make their learning more personal and will allow them to be more successful.

I have shared videos/tutorials on various accessibility features that can be put on students devices to allow them to be successful in their learning. There are several other features that can be added as well in which I will provide a link to all of the Apple Accessibility features in the lesson plan. One of the features that I have included is Speak Screen and Speak Selection in which allows students to listen to digital text being read aloud and highlights the words and sentences being spoken. Another feature that will allow your students to be successful is Dictation which allows you to speak into a microphone words you want typed on the iPad. Siri allows students to ask a question and get an immediate response. Safari Reader allows students to read a webpage without the distractions of ads and clutter. Then Assistive Touch allows students to use the iPad more easily and making their iPad more personal to them.

I have included the link to the videos to show to add all of these features on the students iPads. I have also added a cheat sheet that can be printed and hung up in classrooms for students.

These are the videos/ tutorials

Cheat Sheets that can be printed and hung up in your classroom for reference
Apple Accessibility

Beth Longstreet graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s degree in special education in 2001. She received her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Cleveland State University in 2002. Beth has been teaching for 20 years, 16 of which have been in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District serving as an intervention specialist. Beth has had the pleasure of teaching at Orchard STEM, which is an Apple Distinguished School. Beth has earned the credentials of Apple Teacher, Apple Learning Coach, and Apple Learning Academy Specialist. She has also earned her master teacher designation in 2021. Beth is married to husband, Regan, and has two children, Keeley and Keegan.