Rational and Irrational Number Project

Students will create a video based on a script that shows they:

* know what a rational number is and can give examples that are in multiple forms (whole numbers, terminating decimals, repeating decimals, square roots);

* know what irrational numbers are and give multiple examples in different forms;

* can convert repeating decimals into fractions, explaining how they know they are rational (multiple examples, at least one with 1 digit repeating, at least one with 2 or more digits repeating); and

* can convert terminating decimals into fractions, explaining how they know that they are rational (give at least 3 examples with different number of digits in each one).

Tamera Zelwin is currently a 7th–8th grade math teacher at Orchard STEM School. She earned her Grades 1–8 teaching license and Master’s Degree from John Carroll University as well as her Grades 4–9 math license from Cleveland State University. She began her career in 1997, teaching fifth grade. Tamera earned her National Board Certification in 2004 and her Master Teacher Designation in 2010. Tamera has participated in a variety of leadership roles, including co-authoring Orchard’s ConnectED Apple grant; collaborating as a member of the Master Teacher Committee; acting as a Lead STEM Practitioner for CMSD as well as for Orchard; being a Resident Educator Mentor for first-year teachers; serving as a coach for student athletes in the We Run This City Program; and serving as a coach for both boys’ and girls’ track teams. Tamera has designed problem-based learning experiences and showcased her students’ work at the Great Lakes Science Center’s annual Rock Your World with STEAM event. She loves to learn new ways to integrate Apple technology, coding, and 3-D printing into her math classroom, and is especially motivated when she witnesses her students’ love of learning, passion and creativity. Tamera is also a resident of the community in which she teaches.