Simple Machines in the Music Classroom

My 4th-8th graders were doing units on the six types of simple machines and I found this piece of music in the Orff Volumes that sounded like machines in a factory chugging away. The lesson focused on form, playing xylophones, and creating lyrics to go to a piece of music that was already written. There were so many possibilities and with my 4th graders I really wanted them to spend some time with the xylophones.

Jason Levy currently teaches at Campus International School. He has taught in the CMSD for 17 years. Jason is a graduate of Heidelberg College, completed his master’s degree at the University of Akron, and received his Orff certification from Southern Methodist University.  In addition to teaching elementary/middle school general music and band, Jason is also the director of the Cleveland All-City Elementary Choir.  When he is not teaching, Jason enjoys singing and traveling with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus.