Student Product using Scratch Jr. App

We used the Scratch Jr. App on iPad to code our simple math equations. The scholars were able to create an animation of their story problem, while articulating their thought process. This activity was innovative, creative, engaging, and exceeded the rigor intended in the math standard! Let’s make school and learning fun and meaningful for our scholars!

Below is the link to the Scratch Jr. Webpage:

Catherine Duplisea is an early childhood educator of twelve years, beginning on the tiny island of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the last four years in the CMSD. She is a Cleveland native and graduated from John Carroll University. Prior to this year, Catherine taught kindergarten, Montessori pre-school, and one year in a transitional classroom where she taught struggling learners in grades three, four and five. Catherine is currently developing a website to share creative and affordable ideas for early childhood teachers to bring the joy back into teaching again. She is currently the Peer STEM Instructional Coach at Orchard STEM School, supporting her colleagues in the use of technology integration, problem-based learning, early literacy, and best practices in the classroom. Catherine is a certified Apple Teacher with an additional Swift Playgrounds recognition in coding.