Vocabulary Activity Using Pictures and Movement

This is a favorite activity for our scholars! It’s fun and makes vocabulary comprehensible. You can use it along with literature, informational text, or academic vocabulary. It’s extremely helpful when teaching new vocabulary in a second language as well. This activity is based on Robert J. Marzano’s vocabulary instruction and uses movement encouraged by Whole Brain Teaching. A PowerPoint is included so that you can edit and type any vocabulary word that you would like to teach in any subject. A PDF is also included of all vocabulary words in the 2nd grade Journeys text. Instructions on how to use are included in the attachment. This is a fun and incredibly powerful way to introduce vocabulary. Review words daily using the movements that your class has created.

Tonya Dunlap is an intervention specialist for first and second grades at Buhrer Dual Language Academy. She creates interventions for math and reading in both English and Spanish with a focus on center-based instruction using differentiated classroom rotations. Tonya loves creating activities that have a focus on word work and reading fluency as well as kinesthetic learning. She coaches cheerleading and assists in the We Run This City program at her school. This is her 17th year with the CMSD where she has taught high school, middle school, and the primary grades. Tonya received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Master of Education (intervention specialist: mild-moderate) from Ohio University. Tonya enjoys the outdoors, gardening, cooking, and her dog when she’s not with her Buhrer family.