My Daily Report

“What did you do today,” every adult has asked a child after school. “Nothing,” every child has responded at some point.

The Daily Report is my tool for shifting that dynamic and transforming that conversation. Throughout the school year, I use this sheet to facilitate communication between myself, my students and their adults/parents. Each day the first three cells are completed at school, and the adults are asked to write a note in the “Parent Comments” section about what they discussed with their children about the school day.

For the first half of the school year, I develop and write the “Ask me about” prompt, with input from the students. By the second half of the school year, the students themselves are formed enough to complete that prompt themselves—initiating a lifelong practice of noticing, articulating and engaging in conversation about their daily life experiences and education.

Laura Masloski began her career in education in 1997 as an art teacher. In 1998, she began teaching in the CMSD, where she has taught kindergarten, first grade and PreK. She holds a bachelor’s degree in K–8 education as well as a PreK certification and an Art concentration, all earned from Ashland University. She received her master’s degree in Education from Marygrove College and obtained the level of Master Teacher from the State of Ohio. Laura uses her creativity to inspire those around her, whether presenting at professional development meetings, assisting other teachers, tutoring, or planning family fun nights for the school. In addition to teaching, Laura enjoys spending time with her son, reading, hiking and organizing.