2016 Winner

Ms. Christine Sims

Cleveland School of Science & Medicine

11th Grade English

“Ms. Sims has always been a classroom innovator. Her greatest strength is her ability to increase student motivation and achievement by ensuring that her classroom practice is culturally aware, grounded in the real world and adolescent centered."

Christine Sims has been a CMSD teacher since 1996, and considers it to have been a privilege to teach both middle school and high school through those years. She brings ten years’ worth of experience in sixth and seventh grade to her teaching, and now teaches high school. Currently, Christine teaches eleventh grade, including AP Language and Composition. She has a passion for nurturing students’ critical reading and writing skills. Christine obtained the level of Master Teacher from the State of Ohio, which allowed her to earn an advanced teaching license. Currently, Christine serves as the head of the Master Teacher Committee for the CMSD.

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