Pacing Guides and Lesson Plan Template

These pacing guides represent a possible year-long roadmap for 11th Grade AP English and Composition that integrates SpringBoard Curriculum resources where appropriate. Each unit (1-6) attacks the goals and objectives for the unit and includes the readings and the writing and research opportunities for the unit. The guide also includes a suggested daily pacing and the culminating assessment for the unit. The lesson plan template incorporates TDES components that include instructional strategies and how the lesson will be assessed each day.

Additional resources are available for educators and students at

Christine Sims has been a CMSD teacher since 1996, and considers it to have been a privilege to teach both middle school and high school through those years. She brings ten years’ worth of experience in sixth and seventh grade to her teaching, and now teaches high school. Currently, Christine teaches eleventh grade, including AP Language and Composition. She has a passion for nurturing students’ critical reading and writing skills. Christine obtained the level of Master Teacher from the State of Ohio, which allowed her to earn an advanced teaching license. Currently, Christine serves as the head of the Master Teacher Committee for the CMSD.