Hallie McEntire
2019 Winner

Hallie McEntire

Mary Church Terrell School

1st Grade

“Hallie is viewed among our staff as a leader. She is eager to volunteer on any committee or contribute to any school event…. Hallie’s work and accomplishments have a direct impact on our building and across the district because her knowledge is extensive, highly regarded, and frequently sought.”

Hallie McEntire is currently a first grade teacher at Louis Agassiz School. This is her 18th year teaching for Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Hallie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from Cleveland State University and later in her career obtained her Master of Education degree. Hallie meets the Ohio requirements to teach elementary reading and has successfully taken courses to mentor new teachers. Hallie has been very active throughout her teaching career. She has served as a Chapter Chair, Union Conference Committee member, Student Support Team member, Academic Achievement Plan Member, Anti-Bullying Coordinator, Teacher Development and Evaluation System School Team member, Building Leadership Team member, tutor, professional development presenter, and has served as a mentor to new teachers. Hallie loves to learn new ways to integrate technology into her first grade classroom and has recently created a class website that is a big hit with both her students and parents.

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