Experiential Learning

The most enduring learning happens when students are able to experience academic content in a real-world context. Included are pictures of my students bridging the content/context gap by role-playing soldiers in World War I, presenting skits to actively illustrate forms of government, and playing a “rigged” game of Monopoly to demonstrate for themselves how structural economic inequality affects their ability to win the game.

Also offered here are artifacts of students from my Global Issues elective course, which I co-teach with Excellence in Teacher honoree, Christine Scarcella, a deeply committed human trafficking activist. Students in our class were able to explore the urgent issue of human trafficking not just by reading about it, but by inviting victims and community advocates into the classroom to bring complexity to what often seem one-dimensional stories



Stephanie Chiariello earned her B.A. in History at the University of South Florida in 1997. She subsequently completed her graduate studies in the History of the Civil Rights Movement. Her study of social movements led Stephanie to the world of labor organizing, where she spent nearly a decade advocating for better working conditions for workers. She later turned to teaching, earning her Master of Education through Cleveland State University’s Urban Teaching (MUST) program in 2011. Stephanie and her wife live in the West Park neighborhood with their two poorly-behaved cats. When she’s not grading papers, Stephanie enjoys traveling, reading, listening to political podcasts, and cheering on her beloved Cleveland Monsters.