Mental and Emotional Health Unit Materials

This is a short, but adaptable five-lesson unit on Mental and Emotional Health. This was primarily developed for high school, but many parts can be used for middle school. These five lessons address many important topics, standards, and skills. These materials include:

-MEH Resource Book – Students use this as a graphic organizer to complete work

-MEH Lessons 1-5 Slides – Teacher uses this to guide lessons

-MEH Teacher Resources – Teacher uses these resources to further advance the unit, help students and parents related to mental and emotional health, access data/statistics, etc.

Brett Baisch is in his fourth year teaching health and physical education at Bard High School Early College. He graduated from The University of Akron (Bachelor of Science in Physical Education) and Kent State University (Master of Education in Health Education and Promotion.) He is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Health Education and Promotion at Kent State University. Teaching health education, he focuses on skills-based activities that enable students to make healthier choices and develop healthier habits. Teaching physical education, he focuses on providing students with choices and responsibilities when addressing course objectives. He has enhanced his classes through involvement in the district PEP grant, winning Youth Movement Challenge awards, and receiving other external grants. Over the past four years, Brett has also coached the school’s volleyball and basketball teams.