Shared Responsibility and Cooperative Learning

The photos and the American Government Civic Involvement lesson plan shared here illustrate how I strive to foster a sense of shared responsibility and joy for learning by designing instruction that allows students to work collaboratively toward a common goal. Peer-to-peer teaching is an integral part of reinforcing content knowledge and builds student confidence.


Stephanie Chiariello earned her B.A. in History at the University of South Florida in 1997. She subsequently completed her graduate studies in the History of the Civil Rights Movement. Her study of social movements led Stephanie to the world of labor organizing, where she spent nearly a decade advocating for better working conditions for workers. She later turned to teaching, earning her Master of Education through Cleveland State University’s Urban Teaching (MUST) program in 2011. Stephanie and her wife live in the West Park neighborhood with their two poorly-behaved cats. When she’s not grading papers, Stephanie enjoys traveling, reading, listening to political podcasts, and cheering on her beloved Cleveland Monsters.