Human Rights Project

My American Studies class demonstrated how a movement can begin with one person’s idea: that a single individual can affect change. My students created a year-long project regarding Human Rights issues, including writing sample bills, documenting the work in a video documentary, and traveling to Cleveland City Council, Columbus and Washington, D.C. This project had the students doing the actual work of legislators and grassroots organizers.


Christine Thompson has been a CMSD teacher for 17 years. She has spent the last seven years at New Tech East as a social studies facilitator in an integrated class with English Language Arts. Chris is a certified trainer for the New Tech Network, frequently presenting on topics such as project-based learning, team teaching, individual assessments of knowledge and thinking, and student leadership groups. Chris and her co-facilitator were 2016 finalists for the New Tech Network’s Project of the Year, competing with teachers from 190 K–12 schools in the United States, Australia and China. Chris is married and mother to a fifth-grade son. She coaches and she loves basketball, baseball and football.