MaKey MaKey Video Game Controller Project

This project aims to teach students basic circuitry through designing, building, and testing video game controllers to control classic arcade games.

Students explore conductors and insulators (assorted items ranging from olives to paper clips) and use conductive playdough to familiarize themselves with the MaKey MaKey. They then work in groups to build a non-traditional game controller to control an arcade game.

On the last day of the project, students spend the class period trying out each game controller.


Rita Mikita has been a ninth-grade physics teacher at MC2STEM High School for five years, also serving as the school’s science department head. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a 7–12 integrated science license from Baldwin Wallace University. She loves exploring her students’ curiosities and creativity, bringing science to life in her classroom through inquiry and project-based learning. Rita partners with local organizations like NASA Glenn Research Center and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to bring unique experiences to her students, exposing them to the many exciting scientific opportunities the region has to offer. Rita lives in Cleveland with her husband and son, and enjoys spending time in her neighborhood, cooking, and camping.